Brother Robert

21 Aug



I am delighted to share news of a project I’m helping out with, a memoir about growing up with Robert Johnson, by the last living soul who knew him well. I’m serving as ghostwriter and fundraiser. The author is the amazing Mrs. Annye C. Anderson. I’ve set up a kickstarter to introduce people to Mrs. Anderson and invite help.
At this point, I’m asking for you to please share news of the project with your contacts. Particularly those with inherited wealth. If that doesn’t go well, I may be back to shake you down.
If you’re in Memphis, know that this could be a nice development for the city. As important as music history is there, Robert Johnson hasn’t been as strongly associated with Memphis as he should be, only because the information about his local connections hasn’t been available. In addition to the significance of Memphis to his music, there could be a landmark component to this project. One of the homes he lived in is still standing–barely. There are already some preliminary discussions underway about preserving the property.
You can see Mrs. Anderson at the old home, above.

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