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The Chitlin’ Circuit on BBC Radio 2

15 Oct

RufusWDIABBC Radio 2 produced a two-part documentary on the chitlin’ circuit. One of the voices in there belongs to me. See if you can guess which one. Part I chronicles the big band era and Part II delves into the rise of rock ‘n’ roll. Segments run an hour, hosted by Welsh singer Cerys Matthews.

The Chitlin’ Circuit on BBC Radio 2

The Future Begins With Destruction

8 Mar

Here’s a history meets the headlines longview. The better part of a year in the making, “Memphis Burning” follows the smoke signals and the millions to the story of inequality, power, and race in a vital American city. Along the way, you’ll meet Bob Church, Boss Crump, witness burning, bombing, and veer into a sex scandal. Thanks to Places Journal, Andrea Morales, and the Kresge Foundation.

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