The Sax Kari Photo Collection II

1 Aug

More from the chitlin’ circuit’s jack-of-all trades. First, promotion man Dave Clark, left, and Ernie K-Doe, singer of “Mother-In-Law,” in New Orleans, 1962-3. It looks to me like the Magnolia Homes in the background, which would put them across La Salle Street from the Dew Drop, but that’s just a guess.

Next, one of the world’s oldest teenagers, Rufus Thomas, at radio station WDIA in Memphis, 1963. Sax was pounding the pavement for New Orleans’ AFO Records. Not sure if the side pictured is by the Nookie Boys, Prince La La, Willie T, or Mac Rebennack. Rufus digs!

Same trip, Sax, left, downtown with Dick “Cane” Cole at the apparently un-air conditioned studios of WLOK. Cole emceed at Sunbeam Mitchell‘s Club Paradise in South Memphis, and brought his stage persona to the airwaves. I’m guessing his nickname comes from the Memphis pronunciation of King as in Nat “King” Cole.

 Come back soon for more time machine!

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